foh-vee-uh definition: Where visual detail is of primary importance

About Fovea

about fovea visual communcations agency, web, design, video and photography

Did you know that the fovea (foh-vee-uh) is the part of the retina that lets you see detail? Well, here at its namesake that’s what we like to focus on for our clients, we find it gives them a competitive advantage when dealing with their own customers and target audiences.

Fovea was founded in 2006. We specialise in digital visual communications and bring together the very best in photography, video (pre and post), video animation (2 and 3D), graphic and web design.

In conjunction with our web design we also work in the niche area of both on and off-page search engine optimisation (SEO) as well as assisting clients with their social media strategy and programs. In essence we create targeted marketing collateral that helps companies achieve their business objectives.

The team come from film, photography, design, web, marketing, communications and creative technical backgrounds and we think this combined experience gives us a unique insight into the language that is most effective when communicating in these environments. We have a stream-lined staff and work with some of the best freelancers from around Great Britain, and the world, as projects dictate. In fact we like to think we have a global reach despite our lean management team.

Our clients range from start-ups to multinationals and are generally in-house and agency PR and marketing professionals in the UK and abroad. Our bespoke service ensures each project is handled with care, attention and high levels of creativity and deliverability. Our key objective is to deliver results that add value visually to your communications.

London Studio:
Langdale House
11 Marshalsea Road

Tel: +44 (0)207 089 2627

Wiltshire Studio:
The Studio
Frog Lane

Tel: +44 (0)1722 717529



Corporate Video Production
Video Animation
Corporate Photography
Graphic Design
Web Design

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